Special Notice

Our offices will be closed on Friday 8th of December and will reopen on Monday 11th.

During this time we offer a normal ‘Out of hours’ emergency service for the following:-

  • Full loss of Electricity (affecting your property only)
  • Full loss of heating
  • Full loss of hot water 
  • Uncontainable water escape
  • Blocked drainage (affecting your property only)
  • The security of your home is compromised -: External door locks

In the case of an emergency please call 0345 646 0156

To report a leak in or loss of utility supply in the first instance please contact the appropriate provider.

For sales offices and show home opening hours please check the specific development booking calendar.



Emergencies are defined as loss of power, heating or water. If you have any emergency out with our site working hours you should contact:

  • (In Scotland) Property Response 24

         Tel: 0345 646 0156


After Sales Support

To report a fault please contact us during working hours on 0141 285 6700 or email us at customercare@mmhomes.co.uk . Please remember to state your name, address, plot number, entry date and the issue you are contacting us about.

Storm or Extreme Weather Damage

Damage caused to your property due to storm or extreme weather conditions such as burst pipes, failed guttering or roof tiles coming off, will not be covered and you should contact your insurance company.

  • Kitchen Appliances

    Should you have a problem with any of your Mactaggart & Mickel - supplied kitchen appliances please contact:

  • Central Heating Boiler

    Should you have a problem with your central heating boiler or outdoor heat pump please contact:

    Daikin Hybrid System

    Should you have a problem with your central heating boiler or outdoor heat pump please contact: Daikin Homeowner Helpline 01932 879271 / 0845 641 9277


  • Frozen Pipes

    Preparing your home for winter

    As the temperature drops it’s important to prepare your home for the winter months, especially as it is possible for the water in your pipes to freeze. This is an inconvenience for you and increases the chance of a pipe splitting as water expands as it freezes putting unnecessary strain on the pipe.

    The safest way to protect your home from frozen pipes is to keep the home heated above 7 degrees as a minimum. To further reduce the risk, you can insulate your exposed pipes, like the condensate pipe which carries wastewater from the boiler to the drainage system, with inexpensive pipe lagging that can be fitted easily and picked up in most DIY stores.

    If you suspect a frozen pipe, the first thing to do is to locate it. It’s likely to be pipes that are located on the outside of your property. Be sure to check the pipes in cooler areas of the home, like the loft and garage, as well.

    Once the frozen pipe has been identified, slowly pour warm, but never boiling, water over the pipe, or use a warm compress.

    Also be sure to turn your outside tap off. You do this by shutting off its valve (most likely found underneath your kitchen sink) and then turning the tap on from the outside allowing excess water to leave the pipe.

    For more information visit www.britishgas.co.uk.